Favorite Board Games

I love so many different board games. But I do have three favorites. How about I tell you about them.

#3: Life

This game is really fun to play. It is a good family friendly game. It is basically you get to live a life in board game mode. It takes a little while to play but is so fun. I also recommend this as a birthday present. I like how in this game you get to buy a house. You also get to do so many more things.

#2: Clue

This game is a little more confusing. But my brother can play it and he is seven. We all love to play this game. In my opinion it is a really fun game. You have to find out who did, what they did it with, and what room they were in. This is not a team so you are playing against other people.

#1: Haunted Mansion

Now this game is very complicated but it is also really fun. This game takes around 15 minutes to learn and 30 minutes to play. There are lots of different types of cards. There are haunt cards which are bad. There are also ghost cards which are good.  I would recommend this game for 8+. So the next time you need a birthday present or Christmas present get this.

That was our final board game. I hope you will play one of these games at some point. They are super fun, especially with family.